Ideal gift ideas for your camping enthusiastic friend

September 29, 2019 2 min read

Ideal gift ideas for your camping enthusiastic friend

If you have a camping enthusiastic friend and you wonder about an ideal gift idea for them, here’s some inspiration for you. We have listed down some of the most useful gifts so you can go through it leisurely before start shopping. Be it their birthday, friendship day, Christmas or any other special occasion, these gifts will surely impress them.


  1. Walking poles

Any camping enthusiast will love to have lightweight, strong and durable walking poles in their checklist. Even if they already have purchased them, they will never say no to another. These poles become exceptionally helpful when walking in uneven terrains (which are common during camping trips). Be sure to go for walking poles that are light in weight, durable and strong.


  1. Camping tents

Camping tents are another superb gift idea that can impress any camping enthusiast. When purchasing a camping tent for your friend, however, it is important to determine how many individuals they camp in general. For instance, some individuals prefer camping alone, some go with one of their buddies and others camp with a group of friends. After determining that fact, you can proceed to purchase the right kind of camping tent to match their requirement. These tents are available from single-person to family tents.


  1. Camping stove

Campers usually make campfires when they camp at night. However, not all the campsites and weather conditions are suitable for campfires. For instance, if your friend is planning to camp during a non-summer month, he or she is likely to experience some rain. Under such circumstance, a camping stove would be appreciated by them very much. Such stoves don’t leave any traces (in contrary to a campfire) and they can withstand windy and rainy conditions as well. So, why don’t you consider buying a camping stove for your camping enthusiastic friend?


  1. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags can be very useful for any camper who is willing to spend nights out there in the woods or on top of a mountain. These sleeping bags come in different shapes and with different materials. Most of the backpacking campers prefer lightweight sleeping bags because of the increased portability and compactness. Therefore, you can consider purchasing a mummy sleeping bag for your friend. These sleeping bags can keep them warm and comfortable during the night and even protect them from annoying insects.


  1. Waterproof outdoor bag

It is needless to mention that your friend will be carrying several items that must not come into contact with water. For instance, his clothes, phones, chargers, notebooks, cameras, food, etc. must be kept away from water throughout the camping trip. That is exactly why they would never say no if you buy them a waterproof outdoor bag. These bags come in different shapes and features.


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