Important points to consider when buying your first camping tent

September 29, 2019 2 min read

Important points to consider when buying your first camping tent

When you are planning a camping trip for the first time, you might have plenty of questions in mind. One of the most important questions you should answer is how to choose the right kind of camping tent to protect you from weather and insects and offer privacy. There are plenty of different camping tents available out there so it is vital to know how to choose the best out of the rest. That being said, mentioned below are some essential tips know when buying a camping tent.


  1. Size

Choosing the right size of the tent is exceptionally important. First, you must determine how many individuals will occupy the tent. If it is a family or a pretty large group, you must choose a large family tent which is a no brainer. For instance, if there are 04 people in your group, don’t ever try to rely on a small two-person tent because it is more portable. There must be enough space for every person if you want to make camping a pleasant experience. So, we highly recommend you to adhere to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer when choosing a tend to match your group.


  1. The location

Campsite’s location is another vital aspect to consider when choosing a tent. The weather on the respective campsite will make different effects on the tent you choose. If you camp on a windy campsite, you will need sturdy poles that fix the tent very firmly. Also, you will need stakes and anchor ropes as well. When it comes to rainy spots, you should choose a tent that has waterproof characteristics and a rain fly.


  1. Easy to set up

Tents come in four main shapes (A-frame, umbrella, dome, and wall). Each of these shapes come with different uses and characteristics. Also, the difficulty level of setting up different tents is different. Regardless of the model of the tent you choose, it must come with an easy-to-set-up design. The best approach is to set-up the tent at home before moving into the campsite and get an idea about how it works.


  1. Poles and tent’s material

The durability of your tent depends on the material they have used to manufacture it. Tents that come with thicker fabrics and tough rainflies (polyester) are better in terms of durability. If the tent has fiberglass poles, they can last pretty long.


  1. The cost

When it comes to the budget, it is a pretty tricky aspect to handle. Generally, the tents that come with higher price tags come with stronger poles and fabrics. They also come with durable stitches as well. Usually, these tents can last for many years. Nevertheless, stores like offer a wide range of durable and top-quality camping tents at a relatively affordable price. The best thing is that they offer excellent quality for the price you pay.


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