What is the best type of sleeping bag?

September 29, 2019 2 min read

What is the best type of sleeping bag?

When it comes to sleeping bags, they come in three different shapes. But does the shape of your sleeping bag matters? As per many individuals, all you want is something comfortable and warm enough and the shape of it doesn’t have anything to do with it. However, the truth is different. The shape of the sleeping bag you choose is really important. In fact, the shape of the sleeping bag does matter when it comes to determining the amount of warmth and comfort.


  • Mummy shaped sleeping bags

Mummy sleeping bags are narrower towards the foot-end compared to its head-end. They resemble the shape of a mummy when you are wrapped with it. Your feet don’t need much space compared to your shoulders and the shape of the mummy sleeping bags perfectly fits your original body shape. If you go for a tightly fitting mummy bag, less air will seep in. As a result, you will feel very warm inside the bag. Also, top-quality sleeping bags come with excellent insulation properties to protect your body from extremely cold environments.


Compared to other sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags are light in weight. These sleeping bags are made using less material to wrap around you. So, if you prefer lightweight backpacking and prefer more warmth and comfort, mummy sleeping bags are the best choice.


  • Barrel shaped sleeping bags

Although mummy sleeping bags are excellent in offering warmth, some individuals may feel a bit crammed up to sleep in it. If you prefer more freedom and want to wiggle your feet, ross and turn while sleeping, mummy sleeping bags aren’t going to be the best for you. Instead, you should switch to a barrel shaped sleeping bag which offers more freedom in terms of moving.


If you camp during a cold weather condition, you will be able to stuff some of the gear inside the sleeping bag. This is true particularly when it comes to socks and gloves so you can wear them with warmth in the morning. If you go for a roomier barrel sleeping bag, you can stuff more gear in it. However, don’t put your muddy shoes inside the sleeping bag without covering it first in a plastic bag (and you know why).


  • Rectangular shaped sleeping bag

This is the sleeping bag that offers least amount of warmth of the three varieties we mention. In general, square sleeping bags come with a pretty large opening which is nice for those who prefer added amount of freedom. It allows you to move your hands and even allow you to move in and out whenever you like to. However, this type of sleeping bag retains very less amount of heat because of the large openings. These can be the cheapest variety and they come with bulkiness. Such option can be ideal when you camp during summer nights.


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